TReen is a LIVE UK RAVE UNIT crankin' out jump up rhythms and plenty electro skankin'. Dedicated analogue tweakers Queen Lohayo x Dave Stitch are at the controls with ensuite rhyming wunderkind and out'n'out junglist Gigante The Terror Rebel [Savage Rehab | V Recordings] throwin' it down on the mic.

"TReen deliver an irresistible electronic melange of heavy bass business, dancefloor rhythms and shoplifted samples laced with acid squelches, dubby goodness and vintage jungle flourescence. m8 do they ever live side chain compress? Yes. Yes they do." Kitty Krayon, Krump Magazine

"TReen are very, very good live. Brilliant to watch", Rick Haugh, BBC Introducing in Suffolk.

Now taking bookings for 2014...